From College Baseball to Country Music. Hear the story behind Josh Phillips music career.

Born and raised on a 25-acre farm in the small town of Sanford, playing baseball was Josh’s first love. At fifteen he was invited to attend Atlanta Braves training camps. As one of the youngest recruits in talks with the legendary team there’s no doubt Josh was being groomed to become a star outfielder. He played for North Carolina’s Pfeiffer University and Pitt Community College until knee injuries took him out of the game completely.

When his cleats and glove were put away for good, Josh was searching for direction. On a dare he posted his first song “Blessings” on YouTube. If at least 500 people watched it within the first 24 hours, he’d agree to continue. Six hundred people viewed “Blessings” within the first 12 hours and Josh set out in a whole new direction

"Josh is one of the most determined artists i have ever met. When it comes to his music and career, he has total tunnel vision, a trait i can personally really relate to,  as i'm sure other artists can as well. A total passion and dedication to being the best at his craft and dedicating his all to it. This is what pours out of his soul. It is what he lives and breaths.  You can hear it in his music, the way he carries himself and the stories he tells. Josh really has his own style and is determined to not be like anyone else.  He really understands the value of being totally individual to other artists out there and true to himself.  Aside from having a unique voice, his true talent lies in his songwriting. Josh is a story teller at the core. That is clear in the music he creates!"

Produced and Published by Mary O'Neill for Honey On The Railroad

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