Hillbilly Documentary gets raw on the 'real' Appalachia!

A beautifully shot documentary that largely follows Director Ashely York, a Kentucky born Film Producer and her experiences growing up in Appalachia with family that consider themselves proud Hillbillies. The film shows many different facets of Appalachia and what the common man would know of it. A community that has been often forgotten about and looked down upon for what is thought to be 'backward' living.

" I'm happy to see somebody trying to cover us as we really are and not what some people think we are. It's wonderful the attention you've paid to so many areas that are so important to all of us. I'm proud to have been mentioned in the film a time or two. " - Dolly Parton on hillbilly

Hillbilly weighs in heavily on the last election and a group of people extremely divided, especially within the Gay and Lesbian community. The film unravels some of the many stereotypes that have plagued Appalachia and played out in time to cast the idea that Mountain people are ignorant, unintelligent and Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. unworthy.

"Since the presidential election, the cultural divide in America has expanded. Stereotyping and slurs are rampant, finger-pointing and name-calling abound. hillbilly goes on a personal and political journey into the heart of the Appalachian coalfields, exploring the role of media representation in the creation of the iconic American "hillbilly," and examining the social, cultural, and political underpinnings of this infamous stereotype."

It is a complex film with equally complex characters and topics. To check out more about Hillbilly Film :

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