When i think of Ricky Skaggs, i think of a man with legendary talent who has won too many awards to list (Grammys, CMA's, ACM's..) an authenticity which is rare these days, a man of Christ with the voice of an angel that can make you cry one minute and be up swing dancing the next. 

When i heard Ricky was performing his country classics for the first time in 2 decades, there was no chance i was missing that show!

Country fans from all over filled the Nashville Palace. Their age ranging from mid 20's to 80's. Maybe i am being bias, but I usually find if there is an older crowd in the room, then theres going to be some GOOD Classic Country being played (and that's where i want to be). 

Now, when i say fans from all over, i do not say that lightly. After chatting with a man in the drink line, i soon learned he had driven over 5 hours from Dothan, Alabama to come watch the show, and was driving home when it finished. He said "I decided to come last minute and couldn't find anyone to come with me, so i just got in the truck and drove. Didn't wanna miss it!". Pretty incredible how music can have such a powerful effect on people.

Being a fan of his music, it's easy for me to praise his performance but as i looked around the room at couples holding their hands  and swaying as he sung his classic "I wouldn't change you if i could" it brought tears to my eyes. This guy had it then and still has it two decades later. Ricky Skaggs truly leaves a magical impact on country music and country music fans.

My favorite performance of the night was when he was called back for an encore. He graced the stage one last time with "somebody's praying". If there was ever a sign of someone using the talent they've been blessed with to give God glory, i felt it then. 

All i can say is, thank you Ricky for sharing your music with your loyal Country fans once again! If you have a chance to check out one of his shows, i know you will never forget it.

Click on the below video to see his stunning final performance.

To see my live clip from the night, click here:

Produced and Published by Mary O'Neill for Honey On The Railroad

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