Do Aussie band 'The Wolfe Brothers know what comes after slang term Aussie Aussie Aussie?

The Wolfe Brothers won this years Country Music Channel Group or Duo of the Year presented to them by Florida Georgia Line at the CMC Music Awards 2016 in Australia

The Wolfe Brothers have burst into 2016 full steam ahead with their ‘eye of the tiger’ approach to chasing their dream.

The band continues to ride the wave that started for them in mid-2012 when they captured the attention of the nation and were voted into second place in the final of the nationally televised show Australia’s Got Talent. None of this was overnight success. The band has certainly earned their stripes over the years.

The Wolfe Brothers consists of two brothers, Nick and Tom Wolfe, and their best mate, guitarist Brodie Rainbird. They all grew up together on the same road in a rural area just outside of Hobart. During their high school years they all began playing music in different bands, covering songs by their glam rock and heavy metal music heroes. After leaving school they got together to form The Wolfe Brothers, and for six years were weekend warriors playing covers in pubs and clubs across Tasmania.

Their on-stage energy and tight sound earned them a legion of fans across the home state - everyone loved to party at their local with The Wolfe Brothers whenever they were in town.

"I'm not just saying this because the boys are Aussie, but i genuinely adore these guys. When you think salt of the earth, hard working guys- think the Wolfe Brothers. These guys would take the shirt off their back for anyone. They know the hard yards they need to put in and are happy to work hard in silence and let success make the noise! Genuine, humble and authentic. I know everyone they come across would feel the same. They're the real deal spectacular entertainers and know how to bring a great show. Each of the guys has their own individual flair making the group a mixture of  wittiness, cheekiness and sarcasm. And underneath it all, a genuine brotherhood based on respect and love. Their music has won the hearts of Australia and i have no doubt the US will follow suit after their tour this year! If you get a chance to go to one of their gigs, i have no doubt you'l be leaving feeling like your money was well spent and join the Wolfe Brothers growing international fan base! " 
Produced and Published by Mary O'Neill for Honey On The Railroad
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